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Free Delivery in April
Free delivery to selected countries! In order to let you get your devices on time we have decided to take over your delivery costs by which you can save up to 80 USD! Provided that our device costs 100-250 USD less than our category's most expensible ones, your saving can be as high as 330 USD! Save up to $80! Order now and conveniently apply NaWiFi on your mast head!
Reliable power source, reliable operation
This is a returning issue about NaWiFi. Is your device solar powered?-they usually ask at some point in a conversation. Let us see what stopped us so far from making an autonomous device!
Innovation Award for NaWiFi
And the award goes to...
NaWiFi in Hajó Magazin, 2015. Part I.
In Hajó Magazin (Boat Magazine), one of Hungary's most prestigious newspaper on sailing has published a two page article in its March-April, 2015 edition about NaWiFi2. It has been a complex overview and outlook of the market and capabilities of smart combos in sailing (smart devices+app+sensors like NaWiFi). Please read our extract of the original article here in English in two parts (as it has been a quite lengthy article)
This is a little video on how to apply a coupon or get a shipping estimate for your order!
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